Mindfulness Expert & Life Strategist Our subconscious mind is the most powerful and mysterious part of who we are. Our subconscious is connected to everything. It's the house of our beliefs, both negative and positive. It affects our reality and decisions we make. The function of the subconscious mind is to STORE and RETRIEVE data.

Dr. YAYA specializes in training you to Harness the Power of Your subconscious mind. To clear out hidden mental and emotional blockages. To make a clear path for your happiness, peace, and success!!


There are many issues that bring us to a place to seek guidance and they usually fall into one of three categories:


1. Unnerving Issues from the past that may yet trouble you affecting you in the present.


2. Unexpected things that cause a lot of pain and sadness and are difficult to make sense of.


3. Relationships - there may be problems or difficulties in relationships with family, friends or at work.




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